It must be Magic, Part 4 (The Bahamas)

The fourth morning of our seven-day cruise to the Bahamas found us in Freeport, ready for another day of fun and exploration.  D7K_4306We hadn’t scheduled any excursion for this day, either – and maybe that was a mistake. The area around the dock at this port was a little sparse. There were a few small makeshift shops set up, selling

tee shirts and cheapie souvenirs, and there was a Señor Frogs bar, which we passed by but didn’t go into. Mostly we just wandered around and bought a couple of shirts, and took advantage of a few photo opps.

We ended up just going back to the ship after a couple of hours, in time to catch the end of the lunch buffet.

The food was good, as usual. After eating, I spent some time on the Serenity deck, the “adults only” area of the ship that’s a nice, quiet place to read my ebooks (if you can find some shade). Then I went for a walk around the deck and then back to the gym for half an hour on the bike.

Soon it was time for dinner again. I had a stewed chicken dish that was good, but a little heavy for my tastes. The sugar free lemon cheesecake on the dessert menu, though, was excellent, and we washed it down with a glass of Washington Hills sweet Riesling. D7K_4319

It was another “cruise casual” night but I enjoyed dressing up for dinner so I had just added a black skirt and jacket to my swim suit top and I was all set.

We visited the comedy club again, and had another good time there. Then we turned in relatively early, since tomorrow was going to be a big day in Nassau – where we finally did have an excursion booked.


Thursday morning, bright and early, we grabbed some breakfast at the buffet and, through the fog, identified the familiar outline of the Atlantis resort across the way. D7K_4327It was raining during breakfast, and we got a little wet as we stood on the dock between the Magic and the Fantasy, waiting for our bus to take us to Atlantis. Luckily, the weather had pretty much cleared up by the time we gD7K_4347ot there, after winding through the streets of Nassau for a bit and admiring how green everything was.


We arrived at the entry to the hotel, and our guide led us through the casino, stopping to point out some of the interesting blown-glass art work that decorated the casino.

D7K_4356 D7K_4359
We made our way through the hotel, which was (as expected) beautiful – on par with the nicest Las Vegas casino hotels.
D7K_4376 D7K_4379 D7K_4381 D7K_4365
Our destination was the aquarium area, and we saw hundreds of fascinating fish and marine life, along with various antiquities.
D7K_4387 D7K_4388
D7K_4392 D7K_4404 D7K_4419 D7K_4424
We walked through the “surround” aquarium that you often see on TV, a tunnel with fish swimming above and on both sides of you. D7K_4474Then we were outD7K_4471side, at the back of the hotel, where you could really see the expanse of Atlantis in all its glory.





D7K_4479D7K_4482 D7K_4480
  At this point, the tour was over, but we were free to wander around and see the sights. There was a small fast food type restaurant where the tour ended, but the prices (like everything at Atlantis) were outrageous; we’re talking about $12 for a burger, $8 for a slice of pizza. We decided to wait and eat when we got back to the ship.
D7K_4496 D7K_4495 
We checked out some of the resort shops but again, the prices made it impractical to buy anything; tee shirts were $30 and up. We did wander down by the little marina and bought some (overpriced) ice cream, but a little cold creaminess was worth it on a day that had turned very hot and humid.
D7K_4502 D7K_4500

We soon made our ways back to the ship terminal, where we rested and then bought some much more reasonably priced souvenirs in the little waterfront shops.
D7K_4504 D7K_4506
Then it was time to go back to the ship, after a very full and fun day.
I was ready to actually go casual for dinner that evening, exhausted from alimagel the walking and the heat. This time, I had a seafood chowder type dish that absolutely hit the spot, since I was also starving.


That evening we went to the show in the main showroom, but to be honest, I don’t really remember much of it. We also went to the piano bar, where they had a spread of really impressive differently colored martinis. I’m not a martini fan so I didn’t drink any, but IPiano bar drinks did take photos because they were so pretty.
I also paid extra to indulge in a cup of coffee ice cream from the on board coffee and sweets shop, and it was worth the $3 it cost.

That night, I spent a while sitting out on the balcony before bedtime, catching up with my Facebook friends (Internet had been working well ever since it recovered from that disastrous first day) and just relaxing. A lot of people had told me how relaxing it was to be out on the open sea but you don’t really understand it until you experience it for yourself.
relaxing on the balcony

My Caribbean islands adventures were over now, and we had begun the journey back to Galveston. The next two days would be more “fun days at sea” and I wondered whether I would get bored without any ports to visit. I guess by then, I should have known better than that.


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