Back to Alaska (Part 8)



The last day of our cruise began to sea, as we weren’t scheduled to arrive in Victoria until 3:00 p.m. (and that turned out to be an overly optimistic estimate). We started with lunch on 20140707_094521the Lido deck, although after all those sumptuous steak house delicacies the night before, I wasn’t in the mood for a big breakfast – some scrambled eggs and a little fruit did the trick.

20140707_095749After breakfast, Tom went off to the gym and I went for a walk around the deck, ending up in the Serenity area – a place to which I seem to gravitate a lot on the Miracle, although I never used it much on other ships. The Magic’s Serenity deck never appealed to me, I think because it’s right by the waterworks and all the noise makes it something other than serene. I love the isolation of this one; as with the rest of the Miracle’s layout, it just makes sense.

Along the way, I came across the towel animal collection and of course had to take some pictures. I still haven’t managed to make it to one of the demonstration/classes where they show you how to do the animals yourself, but that’s still on my checklist for another cruise.

I met up with Tom back in the cabin and we went to John’s “Behind the Scenes Q&A,” where people asked plenty of interesting, mundane and sometimes ridiculous questions, and which John answered with diplomacy, humor and grace.

20140510_134335By then it was time for lunch and we hit the buffet again, where I enjoyed some yummy morsels from the Asian Kitchen section.

After lunch, there was an announcement that someone on board had a medical emergency and was going to have to be evacuated. The ship slowed and eventually stopped and a Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter did the evac. We also learned that this was going to delay our arrival in Victoria (which was no big deal to us since Tom wasn’t even planning to get off the ship and I had no excursion or particular plans).

We chugged along, and I started the painful proc20140707_191750ess of packing, and we eventually got into Victoria. I left Tom reading in the cabin and disembarked, wanting to get my passport stamped if nothing else (which I did). When I saw that there was a nice walking trail, I decided to put it to use. I didn’t make it to downtown, but did walk along the waterfront and enjoyed the nice breeze.

When it started to look as if it might rain, I decided to turn around and return to the ship, although I checked out the souvenir shop on the way and bought a few things to commemorate my very brief visit to Victoria.

We were in port until 10:30 but I was back on board well before that. We had our last dinner in the MDR and sadly said goodbye to Sergii and Abigail. They really made our evenings special.

Then it was back to the cabin to finish packing and put our bags outside the door to be picked up and taken to the airport for us (I love the Luggage Express program). The Miracle set said for “home” (the lower 48 in the form of Seattle) at 11:00 p.m. and, for all intents and purposes, our wonderful week on the water was over.

The next morning, debarkation (self-assist) was smooth and easy just as it had been in May and we were soon off the ship, through the terminal and climbing into a cab headed to the airport, where AA had nicely given Tom Pre-✓status this time so he was able to go through the short line with me, and we settled in at the gate for a couple of hours’ wait before our plane left at noon.

I was happy that I would soon see my doggies but sad to have left Alaska behind – again. I think it was the best vacation Tom and I have ever had together, and I’m already looking forward to going back next year.

Update: I had already booked the first sailing of the Legend to Alaska next May, before this sailing (as soon as John Heald confirmed he would be CD again for that season). On July 25th, Tom decided to go with me on that cruise, too. The next morning, I called Guido, my most excellent PVP (Personal Vacation Planner, for those who aren’t part of the Carnival family), and he was able to snag us cabin 4253 – the same fantastic oversized premium balcony cabin that Sharon and I had on the Miracle. Now eagerly awaiting that cruise next summer even more than before.

If you’re interested in joining us on that cruise, please check out the Facebook Group for the Carnival Legend May 18 sailing: 


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